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To win sometimes you must do more than just be good!
That's why we are here for you, Fixed Games --> something more than just luck.

Our next Fixed Game will be offered on this day: ( 05. 05. 2016 )
Payments must be confirmed one day before the game starts.
There is only 1 Fixed Game with a price of only   (50 €)  Payments 
via Moneybookers, Western Union or Moneygram.
Please contact only if you are serious and want to win money.

All contacts can be made at this e-mail address.

Contact :

Fixed Matches Archive/Records.

 Fixed Matches Archive/Records 2016

January                February                 March           April                 May                                                                    

01 05 201618:00  CLUB BRUGGE   GENK  1-1 2.60    
01 05 201618:00 COPENHAGEN   MIDTJYLLAND  1-1 3.10   
02 05 201620:30 CESENA   PRO VERCELLI 1-1   2.80   
03 05 201620:45 CLYDE   ELGIN CITY 4+ 2.60 
03 05 201620:45 BAYERN   ATL. MADRID GG3+ 2.50   
04 05 201620:45 REAL MADRID   MAN.CITY1-12.20   

    Packages for long term subscriptions

Orabet has also other subscriptions for all interested to work with me for longer periods.

Weekly Package

There are 7-10 Fixed Games available each week.
The price is only 100 Euro and odds start from 2.00 and up.

Half a month Package

There are 15-20 Fixed Games in a range of 2 weeks.
The price is only 200 Euro and odds are above 2 always.

Monthly Package

This package is unique. It comes at a special price and extra ingridients.
There are  30-35 Fixed Games with added possibility of rewards of extra Fixed Games.
The price is only 300 Euro and odds start from 2.00 and above.

If you are in need of more information on subscribing with us please contact us.

Co-operation with us guarantees you
  • A team of professionals 
  • Reception of first hand information in real time 
  • Best subscription packages 
  • Guaranteed profits and value in odds 
  • One hundred percent matches 
  • Large winnings 

A Dedicated tean of Professionals 

Our long term experience in working directly in the betting industry via bookies, has brought us many connections with clubs, their managers, and other officers, ensuring us the right information to help us succeed in our bets. We are willing to share this information with you and help you grow your betting profits.

Choosing the right winners is not easy !

Choosing the right winners is not easy ! We guarantee winnings, and you may wonder how we do that ? Well, its not simple. It involves a lot of work and time, apart from the money spend to receive the information necessary. Many suspect we analyze statistics, maybe watch the news or the weather report, but they are completely wrong. Our results and archives speak of our success.

We want you to win

We have a mutual interest and that is winning. Our team gets the best information and we bet, to cover costs we spread these information but the money we bet no one can match. From day one we have focused on getting extraordinary results and our service is build upon that. Join us and get the best from the best.

For Today (05. 05. 2016 ) sms is active

 The service will run until:    20:00 /  21:05 

   The odds are around   14.72    

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Sms Service - Tip of The Day , 100% Sure! 1  05. 05. 2016 SMS IS ACTIVE AND UPDATED 

Find your country information below followed by sms archive table.
Send sms now and receive tip of the day at home.
Any problems regarding the service please inform

AL Albania FOR ORABET 54345 120.00 ALL
AT Austria TXT10 ORABET 0900330300 10.00 EUR
AZ Azerbaijan TXT5 ORABET 3304
5.00 AZN
+ VAT (18%)
BA B & H TXT ORABET 091910706 3.00 BAM
+ VAT (17%)
BE Belgium TAP ORABET 6486 2.00 EUR
CY Cyprus FOR ORABET 7500 4.04 EUR
CZ Czech PAY20 ORABET 90309 199.00 CZK
EE Estonia FOR ORABET 13018 5.00 EUR
FI Finland TXT20 ORABET 17162 20.00 EUR
FR France FOR ORABET 83020
4.50 EUR
DE Germany FOR10 ORABET 89000 9.99 EUR
GR Grecce TXT ORABET 54345 3.62 EUR
HU Hungary TXT ORABET 0690888448 2 032.00 HUF
IL Israel T10 ORABET 5550 10.00 ILS
KZ Kazakhstan WLW ORABET 3352 500.00 KZT
 Kosovo FOR ORA 55050 1.00 EUR
LV Latvia CHAT ORABET 1897 7.11 EUR
LT Lithuania CHAT ORABET 1337 15.00 LTL
LU Luxembourg TXT ORABET 64800 3.00 EUR
MK Macedonia FOR ORABET 145666 177.00 MKD
ME Montenegro TXT ORABET 14884 3.05 EUR
NL Netherlands GMA ORABET 3555 5.00 EUR
NO Norway TXT ORABET 2201 200.00 NOK
PL Poland TXT ORABET 92518 30.75 PLN
PT Portugal FOR ORABET 68638 4.00 EUR
SK Slovakia TXT ORABET 7774 1.60 EUR
SI Slovenia TXT ORABET 3838 1.99 EUR
ES Spain TXT ORABET 37729 7.26 EUR
SE Sweden TXT ORABET 72401 200.00 SEK
CH Switzerland DAG ORABET 565 10.00 CHF
UA Ukraine WLW ORABET 6165 50.00 UAH 

Archive - SMS Tips

01 05.2016 17:00 ANGERS MARSEILLIE X-2 5.50    
02 05.2016 19:00 GENOVA ROMA X-2 4.35   
02 05.2016 21:00 CHELSEA TOTTENHAM 4+ 3.00
03 05.2016 20:15 LIMERICK GALWAY X-1 4.15 X
03 05.2016 20:45 BAYERN ATL. MADRID GG3+ 2.50
04 05.2016 20:45 REAL MADRID MAN.CITY 4+ 2.80 X

If interested to receive a full month subscription
of Sms Tips at your e-mail, now you can do that here at ORABET.

Price: 150 € monthly
Games: Over 30 sms tips
Payments: Moneybookers, Western Union or Moneygram.


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